a community for terrible writers

A love-hate relationship with writing

I love writing. But I suck at it. Big time.

Whenever an idea pops into my mind I fail to express it clearly. I'm like a two-year-old struggling to speak. My thoughts are there; I just can't write them down.

But when I do manage to write something, it feel amazing. Deep down I know it's kinda sucky. It's too vague, too short, has missing commas, etc., but it gives me enormous satisfaction nonetheless.

All the great writers I know say you have to write every day for at least one year to get better, and even more to get noticed. Most people quit way before that.

That's why I'm building dashcopy - a community for people who want to become better writers and support each other by exchanging meaningful and helpful feedback.

If you want to become a better writer, join the list and be the first to know when dashcopy is ready.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly are you making?

A platform for beginner writers where they can exchange feedback and support each other in getting better and more consistent with their writing.

As a writer you will submit links to your work and receive feedback on different aspects of writing: length, style, usefulness, clarity and more.

As a critic you will give helpful and specific feedback to your peers. Seeing what works and what doesn’t will also help you improve your skills.

Who are you?

I'm Constantin; programmer and terrible writer.

What's next?

Finding out if there's enough interest to actually build the platform. Ship v1. Respond to feedback. Make it great.

Will my content be yours?

No, it's yours, and you should keep it that way.
Seriously, host your own content.